Our mission

Life is Precious. Travel, Live Anywhere, Explore w Positive Experiences As Much As Possible While Building Passive Wealth via Autonomous Real Estate.

Our story

Voyajoy has hosted thousands of guests from all over the world and seen firsthand that home sharing can foster empathy and open-mindedness in the real world by opening doors to travelers and guests from all over the globe. While hosting guests, Voyajoy found an opportunity to create solutions in the industry. No more missed rent. No more house calls at 2 am. No more months lost looking for your next tenant. Our goal is to save time while making more money for your rentals.

Our vision

Voyajoy has hosted thousands of guests from all over the world, through software and service. As homeowners and real estate investors, the founders saw firsthand that home sharing can foster empathy and open-mindedness in the real world through hosting. What they did not enjoy was the painful day-to-day stress and hassle of rental management, including fast and reliable communication, maintenance, marketing, and rental income maximizing. They founded Voyajoy to help property owners to save time and make a higher return on investment on their real estate investments.

Our team

CEO & Co-Founder
Diana is a Stanford MS in Computer Science and Dartmouth College grad. Consistently Top 5% in sales at Verizon Superpages, Yahoo! Search. Founded SAT prep school for I Have A Dream Foundation and received social gaming app acquisition offers from Zynga and Jam City. Diana enjoys live music, biking, and exploring the city.

CTO & Co-Founder
Ivan has a B.S. in Computer Science from Cal. Go Bears! He has 5+ years of experience building cool apps that people use all over the country. He loves dogs and enjoys playing tennis and camping.

Operations & Strategy
Gaby is a passionate young entrepreneur based in Argentina with experience in tech startups. He has a strong focus on people development and continuous learning. Gaby likes running in the early mornings.

Admin & Finance
Aly is a dedicated and hardworking professional with 2-3 years of experience in admin, bookkeeping & accounting. She is Quickbooks certified and is always open to learning and trying new things. Outside of work, she loves to travel and explore. Music festivals are her happy place.

CX Supervisor
Florencia is passionate primary school teacher and really enjoys teaching children. Her favorite hobby is reading romance novels, but is also a fan of the Harry Potter saga.

Business Analyst
Nicolas has an M.A. in economics and a data scientist in progress. Proactive, and always in search of new challenges and opportunities. He loves movies, sports, and music.

HR Specialist
Laura graduated from the Siglo 21 University as a Human Resource Management. She specialized in professionalizing human resources areas as well as in the improvement of organizational processes. She loves to travel the world and discover new cultures and places, as well as listen to good music almost all day long.

CX Agent
Joaquin is pursuing a degree in psychology and loves reading books, going to the park, listening to music and playing the guitar. He is also passionate about nature and sports.

CX Agent
Alexander has a degree of Sworn Translator of English. He comes from an entrepreneurial family and is naturally always looking for new and better business and career opportunities. Working since the age of 18, he was able to save up and start his own business in early 2020 (yup, during COVID). His hobbies include reading, working out, drawing and investing (i.e. cryptocurrency) and is passionate about working both with languages and people!

CX Agent
Tomas has a B.A. in International Relations and over 8 years of experience in team management with a focus on strategic planning for NGOs. His favorite sports are skiing, tennis and crossfit. Additionally, he is also a pianist and enjoys cooking

Chief Happiness Officer
Taro is our company cheerleader and hustler. Graduated with a Masters in Dog at UC Berkeley, he continues to melt those around him.