Sync your public vacation rental listings to a single master calendar.

If you are a vacation rental property manager or homeowner who isn’t using tools to sync your calendars for popular vacation rental sites like Airbnb and HomeAway, then you’re at risk of double booking guests into your properties. Voyajoy’s iCal Magic can help.


Calendar syncing without software is inefficient and not optimal.

Without software, the proper method of syncing calendars is to sync both ways between each of your public listings and to use one of the listing calendars as your master. The more listings you have, the more burdensome this task becomes. This is highly inefficient.


Use Cozmo iCal Magic as your master calendar and sync it to all your public listings.

View all your events and bookings in a single calendar and share your calendar out to other interested parties, such as your housekeeper.


One Master Calendar
Reliable iCal Syncing
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View all of your listing calendars under one master calendar.

Always keep yourself informed by only needing to view and manage one beautifully designed calendar. Manage all your vacation rental listings and reservations from a single intuitive, elegantly designed interface. Keep track of syncing history and be notified of failures.

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